Office of Licensing and Compliance Director

Al Haeger has 27 years of experience with high-performing nuclear fleets including senior positions in Licensing, Regulatory Compliance, Radiation Protection, Control Room Operations, and Reactor Oversight.

As a licensed Senior Reactor Operator and Control Room supervisor at Exelon's Braidwood Station, Al implemented the first integrated problem reporting and trending program in the fleet, developed a systematic approach to training for the INPO accreditation process, and developed a number of multi-site license amendments including an extended power uprate license amendment.

Throughout his time in the nuclear industry, Al has served on the ROP Task Force, led performance improvement initiatives in regulatory communications, safety culture/safety conscious work environment (SCWE), and emergency preparedness performance. He has coordinated all facets of response, including technical, public outreach and communications, regulatory, and legal.

Al has provided leadership for team assessments, fleet-wide safety culture improvements, and in managing site response to groundwater tirtium issues. He also has experience in training program development and instruction. Additionally, Al is a key participant in multiple Regional Utility Groups (RUG).

As Director of Certrec's Office of Licensing and Compliance, Al's broad industry experience helps licensing managers better manage the regulatory process to their advantage through his ability to see the broad implications of regulatory, licensing, and performance issues and offer tangible advice and solutions.