Real Time, Compliance Action Tracking

Whether you are a nuclear compliance professional managing 9500X recovery or a NERC manager tasked with Entity Assessment compliance and Find, Fix, and Track programs, Certrec's Action Tracking System (CATS), is a comprehensive, yet incredibly easy, web-based system that allows you to identify and prioritize conditions, assign tasks, track deadlines, and report on performance.

In 3 easy steps, within 30 minutes of set up, CATS gives you complete transparency into all the pending conditions across your entire organization - in real time - via iPhone, iPad, email, or laptop.

 What CATS Does Why It's Important
Allows condition input anywhere, anytime, by any permissioned user Less Loss - important conditions get captured regardless of time, geography, or chain of command
Assign actions by group and individual Clarity - limits confusion regarding "Who's on first?"
Offers 4 permission levels Security - you control who uses the system, how, and when
Automatically notifies users of new conditions and actions Convenience - you are kept up-to-date and can easily locate information
Tracks status of assignments Accountability - quickly determine if actions are being completed in a timely manner
Insight - be aware of pending circumstances and challenges
Provides real time reporting of all conditions
and actions
Peace of Mind - quickly access the status of critical issues through
customized reports
Provides a web-based system not tied to MS products Ubiquitous Access - anytime, anywhere access versus assignments and action status locked in an individual's email, Excel spreadsheet, or Outlook task list 
Offers a single online repository Convenience - condition lists and action tasks are all in one place
Allows supporting documents to be attached to the condition or action Effectiveness - better management of supporting documentation for
compliance, audits, performance reviews, etc.
Provides a complete system of records Risk Mitigation - tracking system provides a full audit trail while
minimizing the recurrance of previous issues
Configure display and behaviors of the condition, customize field labels, establish milestones Personal - built-in flexibility allows you to make CATS your own: your
brand, your colors, your unique jobs and terms, etc.
Facilitates knowledge sharing Performance - well-informed staff, using easy-to-access tracking tools, are more productive

"CATS? It's my electronic, anytime, anywhere to-do-list, performance tracker, safety net."  - Bob B, Office of NERC Compliance Manager 

Online Reference Portal Supports NRC's Review of NFPA 805, License Renewals, Power Updates, COLA, and DCD Submittals

  In April of 2009, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) published acceptance criteria for secure Online Reference Portals - also known as electronic reading rooms - for major licensing actions such as NFPA 805 amendments, License Renewal applications, and COLAs.

Certrec has been providing online reference portals/electronic 
reading rooms that meet NRC's requirements since 2009.

Certrec's Electronic Reading Rooms (ERR) are simple to deploy and can be made available within 24 hours. Clients access the ERR through a straightforward web interface that supports all major browsers, smart phones, and smart pads.

NRC's access is tightly controlled to ensure their access is limited to reading and does not allow NRC users to take possession of documents at any point.
  • → Eliminates the need to maintain one or more remote hard copy reference rooms
  • → Reduced costs related to preparation and transmittal of hard copy or electronic information to the NRC
  • → Potentially reduces NRC review fees, travel costs, and review time
  • → Reduces costs associated with transmittal of information to outside entities
  • → Provides efficiency improvements by managing document access through a common web platform


Electronic Reading Rooms are hosted on Certrec's secure production IT infrastructure. Redundancy, bandwidth, and backup protection is ensured as part of the ERR Service. The web-based software is compatible with and functions well with essentially all operating systems and web browsers. NRC personnel successfully utilize the Electronic Reading Room Service for a variety of projects demonstrating compatibility with their IT infrastructure.
Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR)

Managing an updated, Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) is a highly complex task involving many people - often performed at infrequent intervals. As a result, it can be a challenge to keep plant FSARs current and error-free.

What if managing your FSAR was easier? 

In this time of resource and the loss of institutional knowledge due to personnel changes and workforce retirement, you need a living FSAR - one that:
  • → Is web-based - available 24/7 to all employees
  • → Allows full text search - to improve efficiency and save time
  • → Incorporates existing workflows - to streamline the update process and minimize change management
  • → Frees resources for other responsibilities
  • → Allows you to feel confident that your Electronic Submittal will be accepted by the NRC

Having walked in your shoes, we create pristine electronic documents that accurately render authors' comments and changes that meet the NRC's requirements.  

Certrec Corporation is a highly qualified licensing, engineering, and IT 
organization that has provided services to the utility industry for over 20 years. Comprised of professionals with direct industry and task experience, Certrec understands the tasks and challenges of the FSAR update process and stands ready to help remove those obstacles.