The Regulatory Landscape Keeps Changing...

What if managing the process were easier?
Introducing the Office of Licensing and Compliance – a complete NRC solution that helps you manage the regulatory process to your advantage.
For more than 20 years, licensing and compliance professionals have trusted Certrec for support in obtaining and keeping NRC licensing. In this time of rising generation demands, resource shortages, and the loss of “tribal” knowledge due to workforce retirement, Certrec’s Office of Licensing & Compliance (OLC) allows you to better:

  • Maintain the Operating License
  • Manage the Impact of the Regulatory Process
  • Manage Communication with Multiple Regulators
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    Staffed by NRC compliance experts with more than 250 cumulative years of nuclear licensing and compliance experience, our Office of Licensing and Compliance associates are integral participants in Regional Utility Groups (RUGs) and industry advocates with the NRC. Having walked in your shoes, we understand the intricacies of COLAs, ROPs, FSARs, and licensing compliance.

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    Is this the Licensing and Compliance Killer App?

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    Maintaining nuclear operating licenses, managing the impact of the regulatory process, and effectively communicating with NRC regulators can be challenging. Unlike stand-alone regulatory reporting or compliance support services, RegSource® is the industry’s first and only complete Licensing & Compliance Management solution for your entire organization.

    RegSource® Frees You Up To Focus on the Important 

    • All the Regulatory Information You Want – When You Want It
    • An Anytime, Anywhere, On-Any-Device Regulatory Filing Cabinet
    • Compliance Management that Reduces Bagman Costs & Inspection Days
    • Better Control & Management of Licensing Basis & 10 CFR 50.59
    • Achievement of Common Objectives across Fleet Licensing Projects

    Let’s Take A Look At What This Powerful Tool Can Do:

    this is a picture of the Today area of RegSource  TODAY:  All the Regulatory Information You Want – When You Want It. An End to the Hassle of “Too Much Information” 
    • Focus on the important with daily, real-time regulatory updates and analysis prepared by subject matter experts
    • Personalize content, format, and delivery options (email, text, rss) for the entire plant staff
    • Cut time-consuming research and information retrieval; no need to filter information 
    this is a picture of the eLibrary area of RegSource  eLIBRARY: Your Anytime, Anywhere, On-Any-Device Regulatory Filing Cabinet
    • Industry’s largest repository of regulatory information (100 GB) with full-text search capability – everyone knows where the Information is
    • Regulatory guide 1.70 and standard review plan cross-referenced to regulatory documents – makes developing license amendment requests more efficient
    • Always available, real-time information from a single source to support 50.59 reviews, licensing correspondence development, modifications, operability reviews, reportability, decisions, and more. 
    • Document retrieval support – for those times when you need back up
    this is a picture of the Compliance area of RegSource  COMPLIANCE: Reduce Overall NRC Inspection Cost and Staff Inspection Support Time
    • Manage inspections in real time with an open, fully accessible compliance system
    • Know your inspector’s tendencies via previous inspection findings and reports
    • Reduce overall inspection hours and costs and staff support time
    • Compare your plant’s and fleet’s regulatory performance 
    • Use NRC PIs and reports as input for Management Reports
    this is a picture of the licensing basis area of RegSource  LICENSING BASIS SYSTEM:  Better Control and Management of Licensing Basis and 10 CFR 50.59 
    • Complete, accurate, searchable, and up-to-date site specific Licensing Basis that supports: License Amendment Requests, Reportability and Operability Determinations, Engineering products, and Training
    • Improve the quality of 50.59 reviews
    • Immediate access to site licensing documents and NRC generic documents
    • 24/7 Licensing Basis access for the entire fleet on one webpage, laptop, PDA, or iPad
    this is a picture of the Licensing Management Office area of RegSource  LICENSING MANAGEMENT OFFICE:  Achieve Common Objectives Across Fleet Licensing Projects 
    • Simple and easy, single website to manage the fleet licensing  activities
    • Allows you to effectively organize and manage all Licensing Projects and Teams interactively
    • Gives you the ability to assign and track standard actions and key performance indicators across fleet projects in real-time
    • Bridges geography and time zones 
    • Enhances team collaboration

    Let’s Solve That Problem
    Let’s reduce that risk.
    this is a picture of two guys working Imagine having technical, problem-solving support from experts with years of engineering and plant operations experience –  on-call, when you need it. Now imagine that support from experts with direct NRC and FERC experience maintaining the operating license.


    You can count on Certrec for engineering services that range from developing facility ratings, to conducting risk-based methodology evaluations, through complete design basis reconstitution.

    Our trusted, “been there / done that” credibility has enabled clients like Duke Energy, NERC, Entergy, Shell Wind, Florida Power & Light, Exelon, GE, First Energy, Edison Energy, PG&E, and STARS to reduce their regulatory, operational, financial, and public opinion risk  for more than 20 years.

    Building a Culture of Compliance

    this is a picture of our Performance Improvement SolutionA culture of compliance is often considered the most important aspect of a highly-performing compliance program. Our experience has shown that a robust Compliance culture can play a major role in mitigating regulatory penalties and improving overall compliance quality. 
    However, the standards and best practice requirements for a Culture of Compliance may not be well-defined – leaving compliance managers on their own to determine how to implement a culture of compliance within their organizations.
    For more than 20 years, we have supported compliance managers in identifying and resolving problems, creating effective procedures, documenting controls, defining criteria for determining satisfactory work performance, and deploying a culture of compliance.

    Digging Deeper to the Root of the Problem
    For instance, a safety or compliance violation may state that a 95-00X or NERC CIP compliance procedure wasn’t followed as written. 
    “Ah,” the manager thinks, “I’ve got to bonk that technician chap on the head!”
    However, the technician may have made choices in the field based upon his or her experience that were the safer choice at the time. 
    “Ah,” the manager thinks, “I must correct this procedure.”
    Should the technician be admonished or the procedure be refined, or follow as written?
    Perhaps, none of the above – as the root cause of the situation may require digging deeper to the unidentified issue or unaddressed cause.

    Plants That Run Well Typically Have Fewer Problems

    Finding the true root of the problem, and defining the most effective “fix,” goes a long way in building a culture of compliance – as ambiguous processes and arbitrary behaviors fall to clarity and consistency.   

    That’s why we offer the tools, expertise, and independent perspective you need to identify gaps, change behaviors, and maintain effective human performance. 
    • Substantive NERC & NRC Cross Cutting Issues
    • Job Task Analysis
    • Problem Identification / Cause Analysis
    • Incident Systems Analysis
    • Upper Tier Cause Analysis
    • Common Factor Analysis
    • Corrective Action Plan Development