Combined Operating License Applications (COLA), Design Control Documents (DCD), and Design Control Applications (DCA) are highly complex technical projects within a licensing process that is often dynamic and evolutionary. Challenges include:

→  Authoring, revising, approving, and processing COLA, DCD, and DCA documents require input and effort from many people and multiple organizations scattered across the United States and perhaps the globe.

   Licensing must manage large, unfamiliar, complex documents and files with multiple formatting challenges, technical specifications and preflight issues.

→  COLA and DCD electronic submittal requirements may actually be more challenging than producing the document itself.


Recognizing the effort required by the Part 52 licensing process, Certrec offers The Office of New Plant – a comprehensive suite of web-based, COLA / DCD / DCA support, project management, and quality program services that improve response efficiency across multiple geographies, multiple authors, and time-constrained situations.

The Office of New Plant comprehensive suite of web-based, COLA / DCD / DCA support, project management, and quality program services include:
TAKTIX Document Authoring, Production, & Electronic Submission TAKTIX is a web-based, document workflow management tool that securely handles multi-document / multi-contributor document authoring, real time review and oversight of content, post production of electronic documents, and the associated packing slip.
RECALLWeb New Plant is an online electronic library that contains all pertinent NRC, industry, and project-specific new plant information. Available 24/7/365, RECALLWeb New Plant information is read-only, providing the licensing team with the ability to control source information and make it instantly available to the entire project with one simple process including: 

       U.S. COL Applications
       U.S. DCD Applications
       U.S. ESP Applications
       Complete Set of CFRs
       10 CFR Cross-Referenced to the Federal Register
       New Plant Inspection Modules
       NRO Office Instructions
Licensing Application Development & Tracking is a web-based solution that tracks and cross-references requests for information (RAIs) across Div. 1 Reg Guides, SRPs, GDCs, RG 1.206, COLA and DCDs. 

From our Part 50 experiences, we know the value of using license amendment precedence and researching findings from other plant inspections preparing for our own inspections. 

Licensing Application Development & Tracking uses the NRC’s Standard Review Plan as the center of its cross-reference database. Regulatory Guide 1.206 is directly cross-referenced to the Standard Review Plan. 

In turn, each COLA, DCD, and DCA that has been submitted to the NRC is cross-referenced to the Reg. Guide. From any section of the SRP, one can immediately access the corresponding information in Reg. Guide 1.206 and all COLAs and DCDs and associated RAIs. 

License Amendment Safety Evaluations: The Office of New Plant also maintains a database of License Amendment Safety Evaluations for all amendments and all plants in the United States that are fully retrievable and searchable to help with precedent searches when future amendments are needed.
Certrec Electronic Submittals

CERTREC has substantial expertise in managing licensing and engineering documents – from technical authoring, to review and oversight of content, to post production of electronic documents and the associated packing slip.
To date, CERTREC has developed 32 COLA/DCD submittals that have been accepted by the NRC as compliant with “Guidance for Electronic Submissions to the NRC” – many on the first submission.

The Office of New Plant’s publication environment includes Adobe Framemaker, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and AlienBrain applications. Designed for large team collaboration of large files from all locations, our Publications environment provides accurate authoring of new plant documents using tools staff are familiar with. 
Additionally, all COLA, DCD, and DCA files are available from a secure central server where users can browse, preview, and retrieve them for viewing, or lock them for editing using special client applications. The result: everyone knows where important files are, and who is working on them. Files are never accidentally deleted or overwritten, and everything can be managed from a single, central location.

The Office of New Plant offers CATS, a web-based action tracking system that allows you to identify and prioritize new plant conditions, assign tasks, track deadlines, and report on performance – all in one place.