Senior Project Manager


Kristi Huffstatler is a Senior Project Manager in the Office of NERC Compliance Services. A proven regulatory professional, Kristi helps our clients understand the requirements in the NERC Standards, makes sure they meet those requirements, and develops procedures for them. She acts as lead Compliance Manager and functions as a team leader to organize and lead NERC Reliability Standard-based assessments and gap analysis activities. In addition to developing NERC compliance program policies and procedures, she prepares NERC compliance training manuals.

Previously, Kristi worked at River Bend Station for more than 30 years; fifteen of those years focused on regulatory compliance. During that time, Kristi built strong relationships with NRC personnel at all levels of the organization. Her experience includes coordinating NRC inspections, preparing for Senior Management meetings with the NRC, and using the NRC’s Significance Determination Process. She was named as the fleet subject matter expert for her knowledge of the Significance Determination Process.

Her other duties included maintaining the operating license and related licensing basis documents, ensuring NRC commitments were completed, and interpreting regulations to fulfill licensing requirements. She has participated on Corporate Event Response Teams and root cause analysis teams, and has assisted with an NRC 95003 inspection.

In her tenure at River Bend, Kristi was also a Senior Emergency Planner, leading the Emergency Response Organization in emergency drills and exercises through her training, coaching, and evaluating. As an Emergency Planner, Kristi obtained an INPO Training Certification and provided training to employees onsite as well as in the parishes surrounding River Bend.